Digging Deeper Q’s

2. Provide an example of how knowledge (either prior or post) has affected your perception of how beautiful something or someone is.

I have had this situation happen to me before lots of times when I see either someone or something beautiful, but then as soon as I learn something about this beautiful person or thing, it completely changes how I see this thing. In the context of people, whenever I see or meet a very attractive person that I don’t know anything about, that’s all I see is their beauty. However if I learn something either negative or positive about them either from the person themselves or from another person. The feeling I have towards them is automatically changed and my perception of them is completely different, whether it be they become more beautiful or less attractive. The more you know about someone, the more you see past their looks and see the person they actually are.
This situation has also happened with animals as well. I have often times seen a horse that is really beautiful looking whether it be in their conformation or their movement and my impression of them is that it is a really nice horse. However, I learn that this horse bucked its previous owner off and she broke her hip, my perception of the horse’s beauty is changed from being a very positive thing to a very negative connotation.


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