Sense Perception Activities

1. Five senses Graph
5 senses graph

2. Sense Design
“Your Biggest Fan” has colorful lights attached to the fan blades that light up as it spins. There is a bluetooth speaker in the center that can wirelessly connect to any music source. Below the blades themselves is a control panel where one can choose a desired scent they wish to enjoy and the fan will disperse the scent in a small amount. And of course, lastly, at the bottom the fan is also a gumball machine. Score!

3. Disruptus
photo 4(1)
2 ITEMS: Sunglasses and paperclip
FINAL PRODUCT: If sunglasses break in half, paperclip can be used to hold them back together OR can be used for some pretty stylin shades
photo 3(1)
2 ITEMS: Shopping cart and perfume bottle
FINAL PRODUCT: A shopping cart that has a perfume bottle attached to the bottom that clocks how many feet you have walked/moved your shopping cart. After a certain distance the perfume bottle will release the scent and shoppers can enjoy and pleasant smelling experience while shopping.
photo 2
ITEM: hair dryer
FINAL PRODUCT: Instead of being used to dry your hair, (and this will be very helpful for those living on the east coast right now during the ice storm) could be used to melt snow or defrost ice.
photo 1(1)
ITEM: Roller Blades
FINAL PRODUCT: a scooter that has two shoes in which the rider places his/her feet in. These shoes have wheels on the bottom and are detachable so that the rider may wear the shoes once he/she reaches his/her destination.


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