Sense Perception Intro

1. Optical Illusion
There’s no lake in this picture. Tilt your head.
Find the black dot. Frustrating isn’t it?

2. My own optical illusion
Lei is actually a horse.

3. Response to Hillary Lawson’s: Visual Agnosia
I have never before heard of this condition, but it sounds really horrifying to experience. I can’t imagine seeing something that I have seen my entire life and not be able to recognize what it is. Especially because in our world, we unconsciously put so many labels on things that we don’t realize how much we rely on names in order to describe something. I know that from personal experience, I sometimes have a difficult time coming up with what I want to say and I know the word, but its like my brain just cant think of exactly how to say it. When this happens I know how frustrating it is and I can’t imagine not being able to come up with the name for something all the time. Its scary to think that you could live in a place for 20 years and not be able to recognize it at all. What really amazes me is that this man, John, can still have all of his senses, and all of them can still be functioning (except his perception of color), yet some how his brain has been changed so that he can no longer recognize objects. To me, this just shows how much the brain is in control and how even the slightest alteration can change everything.

4. Which of the 3 “Theories of Reality” do you most adhere to?
I think the one theory that I adhere most is probably the Common Sense Realism. When I look at the world around me, I don’t break things down into their smallest possible component, because to me, to do this takes away from the object’s significance and all of the memories that are associated with it. For example, if you take a chair, it may just seem like a chair and you know it is a chair because you have seen it before and you have previously been told that it is a chair and that its function is for people to sit on it. However, if you break down this chair into its atoms and its molecules or what not, it no longer is the chair that you sat on your mother’s lap on or that you shared your first kiss with someone. It has become a chair, not some scientific explanation, and nothing more.

5. We are all very good at seeing only what we want to see. Can you give some EXAMPLES of the way in which our BELIEFS, CULTURE, or MOOD affects the way we see things?
I know that through personal experience, MOOD is something that can have a huge effect on the way we see things. Often times, if I’m having a bad day or there has been a particular event that has made me mad in some way, everything that comes after is perceived as a nuisance or inconvenient thing. For example, say I had a an off night during a basketball game, if I were to go home and I would trip over something or something were to fall off the counter, I would get so mad I would want to throw that thing half way across the mood. Whether it be anger, remorse or lust, whatever your mood is at the particular time, it definitely affects the way you act towards everything.

6. Regarding Patty Maes’ TED talk on technology and a “Sixth Sense”, as well as the “Connecting” documentary film, what IMPLICATIONS do you foresee for such knowledge/ perception enhancers?
Well the particular technology that she introduced during the TED talk was amazing, out of this world, so much so that it was a little scary to think that this type of technology could be used by people today. It can be used to draw things straight on to any surface as well as pull up someone’s profile who you just met. This kind of technology has so many implications that can make our life easier and quicker so that we can move through things without having to work harder. This also allows us to share our creativity and to spawn new ideas even when it may not be convenient.

7. Find an example of a LOGO or advertisement using the design principles of GESTALT. Identify if it involves Similarity, Dissimilarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, or Figure and Ground.
canadian 1
This is an advertisement for a Canadian beer. I think the image uses Visual Grouping and proximity.

8. CHOOSE 1 sense (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell). Choose 1 hour of your day and keep track of absolutely EVERYTHING you experience through that sense ONLY and record it on your blog.
Choice: Sound
Location: Ms. Roberts’ study hall
-chairs scraping on the floor
-the sound of typing
-the door opening and closing
-conversation around the room
-squeaking of chair
-shuffling of bags
-the person next to me, I can hear the faint noise of the movie they are watching
-the slight hum of the air conditioner
-the chatter of people walking by outside
-someone is banging against the railing outside
-lockers being slammed shut
-the ruffling of papers
-the printer
-someone shoots some trash into the trash can, it goes in
-it is quiet enough for me to hear my own thoughts
-how strange my voice sounds, does it really sound like that

Sense Perception Activities

1. Five senses Graph
5 senses graph

2. Sense Design
“Your Biggest Fan” has colorful lights attached to the fan blades that light up as it spins. There is a bluetooth speaker in the center that can wirelessly connect to any music source. Below the blades themselves is a control panel where one can choose a desired scent they wish to enjoy and the fan will disperse the scent in a small amount. And of course, lastly, at the bottom the fan is also a gumball machine. Score!

3. Disruptus
photo 4(1)
2 ITEMS: Sunglasses and paperclip
FINAL PRODUCT: If sunglasses break in half, paperclip can be used to hold them back together OR can be used for some pretty stylin shades
photo 3(1)
2 ITEMS: Shopping cart and perfume bottle
FINAL PRODUCT: A shopping cart that has a perfume bottle attached to the bottom that clocks how many feet you have walked/moved your shopping cart. After a certain distance the perfume bottle will release the scent and shoppers can enjoy and pleasant smelling experience while shopping.
photo 2
ITEM: hair dryer
FINAL PRODUCT: Instead of being used to dry your hair, (and this will be very helpful for those living on the east coast right now during the ice storm) could be used to melt snow or defrost ice.
photo 1(1)
ITEM: Roller Blades
FINAL PRODUCT: a scooter that has two shoes in which the rider places his/her feet in. These shoes have wheels on the bottom and are detachable so that the rider may wear the shoes once he/she reaches his/her destination.