Edward Harrison Article, PSA and Commercial

It’s a great article speaking of how humans are constantly try to fill the void which seems derived of raw knowledge. There is a constant search for more about things we do not and may never understand and such drive and hunger for the idealistic person, a perfection that is yet to be discovered. However, it seems as though we continuously overestimate our abilities to decode such a complex world and its workings because we are always finding a new way that is the apparent epiphany that will lead us down the path to idealism. What we are incorrect about is that there is no answer to knowledge and no limit to the source of knowing. It seems as though we continue to attempt to distinguish the image displayed in the reflection, however the problem is that the water is never still, it is always moving and changing and morphing what we perceive to be the truth. The world changes and so do the things within it and therefore many times all of the preconceptions that were had are shattered within an instant, so quickly that we are left dazed and confused. What brings us back is our imagination and creationism. Our ability to create the world we live in through our minds is something that continues to amaze, demonstrating the human capacity to think deeper and grander that could have been previously imagined.

The video was very interesting because it seemed to cover several topics in a short amount of time. It is very amazing to see how opinions and the view of the issues has really changed over time and how naive and ignorant many were. Not say that there are not people like that now, but the numbers have diminished and people have accepted the fact that our planet is suffering. Its interesting that there was such a huge debate over global warming even though scientific studies were showing people what was really happening. People were scared and therefore, refused to believe what they were being told. It really demonstrates how as a species, we are so ignorant and resistant to change even though it often happens without knowing at all.

Here is a tweet to an article about ways to make our brain smarter. http://www.fastcompany.com/3020168/leadership-now/5-surprising-science-backed-ways-to-get-smarter-today

The site itself may not be very credible, but the claims on the other hand are things that I have heard, circulating about in the bustle of scientific discovery recently. However, which of these claims can really be trusted? How can we know that what we are reading is the truth? Just because it is backed up by some credited professor? This article is just another great example of how we continue to search for ways of advancement and ways of knowing faster and better and smarter. This seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge is something that continues to guide and mold the decision making of society and discovery today.


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