This I Believe Project

The movie is actually composed of original photography that has been taken by some of our grade members. I chose to use this specific format for this project because I wanted to be able to show how each of us is completely different in the way we see the world. Through the eyes of a camera, we capture these precious moments and in a way, even though some may be considered as a typical Instagram of Facebook photo, we are all unconventional in our own way. None of us are the same and however hard we try to fit into the norm of society, we are all out of the box and crazy special. We may be non believers and deny that our existence matters, but each us makes the world an exciting and unique place. I believe that inside, we are all mavericks.

Creation Process
To begin the creation of this video, I had to ask several people in our grade if I had permission to use their photos in my video and then I began to collect individual photos that would match each individual belief. This was the part that took a very long time because I had to search through probably more than 100 photos to find just the right match. I then had to somehow transfer all of these photos to my computer so that I could input them into the Movie Maker. So what I ended up doing was taking a screenshot (because you can’t save someone else’s picture on Instagram, which was where the majority of my photos came from) of each photo, and then emailing it to myself and saving all of the pictures to my computer. I then had to resize and edit each photo so that they would fit well into the frame or screen that movie maker offers. Originally, I had wanted to add a fade transition for each slide, however when I tried to do that, it completely screwed up the entire caption line that I had already written out and that went with each picture so that many of the captions disappeared and the times that I set each caption to go for got messed up as well. so in the end, I just had to be content with what I had produced. If I could improve this video somehow, I would have added some sort of film footage itself just to give the video some sort of movement to it, however not too much because I don’t want the film to take away the attention from the actual beliefs themselves.


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