Stephen Fry video viewing

Probably the most interesting point to me that Fry mentioned was around the 20 min. marker when he begins to talk about questioning information. Why should we trust everything that we see? Well his answer was that we shouldn’t, we should test things out and learn through experience if what is being is stated is true or not. It something that leads us to discoveries not only about things we are discovering, but things about ourselves as well. When he brought up the idea of Socrates being the wisest man in history, he mentioned that he was the wisest simply because he asked questions, and that he never believed something before he had seen it with his own eyes. It is great that he mentioned the concept of socratic questions, asking why do we think that or believe that? Why do we do what we do? It was a great blurb with some very layered and profound points that really make you think about yourself.


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