Stop Motion Animation Project

The project was to select a quote that gave you some form of inspiration and create a stop motion animation video using the provided supplies to somehow display or integrate the quote into a visual creation. The quote that my partner and I chose was: “Man is an animal suspended in a web of significance he himself has spun.” -Clifford GeertzWe decided to draw the animation by hand because we felt that it was the best way to express our idea of having the man spinning his web of significance. It was very helpful to have the stop motion making app on the Ipad which made the filming and uploading process go very smoothly. It was also great that we could edit the movie right from Youtube instead of having to import songs and go through the process of citation. However, the one thing that I think we should have done differently during our creation phase was to use dry erase markers with our canvas being the whiteboard. By using the board, it would have made erasing and re-drawing go much easier and would have resulted in an overall cleaner, more finished and professional look. Also with the use of markers, the lines and illustrations would have been easier to see instead of the light pencil that we had used. I thought this was a really great project idea and a great way to critically think about a quote, and display our particular interpretation of it in a fun and rewarding process. Great first project of the year!


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